Tati Burkewitz
an architect, interior designer
2016 - to present — Co-founder of WSBY studio (Estonia, Latvia), architectural visualization and private practice as an architect / interior architect
2013-2016 — Werner Sobek (Stuttgart-Moscow), Lead Architect
2010-2013 — OfficeProject (Moscow), Architect-Designer
2004-2010 — Moscow Architectural Institute (State Academy), Moscow

Philosophy and approach of my life revolve in minimalism, but always in dialogue.

Minimalism in dialogue with the individual, personality and a design's context.

My approach involves a mindful treatment of space and place, history, and the individual. This gives a special softness and depth to my works within style and philosophy. It is essential for me to create timeless cinematographic spaces.

I prefer to create spaces where you will feel as yourself and clearly hear your own voice and insights. Your experience of harmony within yourself and the space, a sense of protection and comfort. The experience of living inside of your home unfolds on an exciting emotional and tactile journey. And this is precisely what is encoded in my gesture in the photo.
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